Covid-19 was far and away the worst crisis in America in recent memory, a crisis that was multiplied exponentially by certain peoples refusal to comply with CDC guidelines. Whether or not people believed the science behind Covid is one thing but far more alarming was the lack of empathy exhibited by a large portion of the population. Many questioned how someone could treat their choice of wearing a mask equal to a life or death struggle, going so far as committing homicides in the name of preserving their self-righteous struggle for “liberty”. Answers did not come easily. Were people behaving…

Source: Healing a Fractured Nation

If we’ve learned anything in 2020 it’s that we all need someone to blame for EVERY problem. It doesn’t matter what “side” you’re on, if you’re liberal or conservative, black or white, Christian or Atheist. We all do it. Especially me.

We’re all guilty of it, nobody is exempt.

And perhaps that’s what most people keep trying to forget. That’s why we have vices. It’s why we drink, smoke and spend our paychecks to keep ourselves constantly entertained, constantly distracted.

Nobody wants to think about what they might be doing wrong.

Nobody has the time to think.

Not since we…

An American flag is torn in two during a storm in Sheboygan

We had a collective sigh of relief after Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 election. Celebrations around the world took place as we believed a dedicated statesman would return to the oval office, bringing sanity and dignity back to the United States.

Yet we overlooked a crucial circumstance. This was not a normal election, the opposition was not a normal disagreement of politics. The party of Trump and their supporters have waged a war on reality for four years and that mindset will not simply vanish when Biden is sworn in.

Donald Trump was not solely responsible…

When Biden was announced as the victor I felt a profound sense of relief, as much of the world did. The next day I was again filled with more feelings of anticipation. We had just witnessed celebrations from here and around the world as if we had just won a world war, yet our opponent still received 71 million votes to his favor.

The celebrations were a welcome sight yet many people are forgetting all too soon that this is a political situation which we have never seen before. We have never had such wildly polarized political views since the…

Adam Smith

I’m just a simple graduate tired of watching everything turn upside down

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